The Royal Marines Circuit Training - Review

Want to improve your Paddling (or any sporting) ability, a great help is to get fit. The Royal Marines are some of the fittest fit people around, after using the workouts in this book you'll understand why. They work hard at it, very hard.


Royal Marines Circuits

The workouts are hardwork and you need commitment to really push yourself to gain maximum benifit from the workouts, you won't get fit just from reading the book. Like anything you do, this book won't give you a magic wand, effort in = results out.


Although the images look a bit dated, this book is excellent, it includes descriptions of progressive circuits for the beginner, interim progress tests, descriptions of a mix of exercises to use in circuits, ways to tailor your training to specific sports, covers nutrition and recovery from injuries. Each exercise is described with pictures and some guidance as to how hard the exercise is are given - make a circuit of 'Killer' exercises and you will be in for some fun. I use exercises and circuits from this book alongside Impetus trainer on my phone for good solo training.

Getting fit is beneficial to any one and this book describes workouts you can do anywhere, no need for expensive gym fees or equipment, but includes some options to add if you do have some gym time.


Over-all this book is well worth buying.