How far to push?

A little while ago I read an article - describing a kayaker’s death in 1997, written by the friend he was paddling with and it is one of those articles that makes you stop and think. Considering how many years I’ve been taking part in different adventurous activities, I’ve lost surprisingly few friends to those activities. I’ve been pondering whether to publish this article or not for quite a while, I finally figured that yes I would.

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Pyranha Everest - Review

Pyranha Say:-

The Everest takes the benchmark Burn design, and adds extra length and volume for longer trips. This is the load carrying expedition kayak that will fit the big boys too!

More length, more bow rocker, more aggressive deck profiling and slightly softer edges all combine to make a super predictable expedition river kayak and excellent confidence inspiring river runner.

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This article on Austria was originally written in 1991, since then the Sanna has changed greatly, so my apologies for any inaccuracies, and to those who remember it as it was here’s a chance to reminisce. Here's what we thought of the Rivers we paddled. The team on this one were Ada Boyce, Fish, Rich (Deathwish), Nigel, Bruce and I.

Now, in no particular order, the rivers:-

Kayak by William 'not Bill' Nealy - Review

This was about the third kayaking book I ever bought and definitely the one I've read the most.

Presented in a cartoon format this book contains serious tips and techniques covering most of the important parts of a whitewater kayaker's repertoire. Sections include reading the river (hydrotopography as Nealy puts it), paddling technique (Paddle-Fu), dealing with fear (?), flood stage rivers (The Joy of Flood).

front cover


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