This article on Austria was originally written in 1991, since then the Sanna has changed greatly, so my apologies for any inaccuracies, and to those who remember it as it was here’s a chance to reminisce. Here's what we thought of the Rivers we paddled. The team on this one were Ada Boyce, Fish, Rich (Deathwish), Nigel, Bruce and I.

Now, in no particular order, the rivers:-




The Sanna

From Scheiffer's Eck to the confluence with the River Inn. A thoroughly enjoyable grade 3/4 river, my first introduction to proper size water. Scheiffer's Eck and the scorpion were the two fun bits in my mind. The fifth photo is of the weir at Landeck, we stayed at the nearby campsite, this photo is one of my all time favourites!

Scheiffer Eck - River Sanna (Paddler - Fish) Scheiffer's Eck R. Sanna

R. Sanna from Scheiffer's Eck The Scorpion, R. Sanna

Landeck Weir R.Sanna 



The Inn

We paddled several sections of the Inn, The Martina Stretch, The Constrictor, The Sanna confluence area and another stretch further downstream near the Otz confluence.

The area near the Sanna confluence was a short little run we did several times, a couple of nice little play spots grade 2/3 (left hand picture). The Martina Stretch (right hand picture) a damn good run, starting in Switzerland, this river was good enough to leave Nigel needing a swig of the old hooch afterwards, big grins, grade 3/4+. The Constrictor a four or five mile stretch ending in Landeck, it was over too quickly - the water was tanking along at a fair rate of knots. You need to be confident at leading from on the water as there are a few 'surprises' on route, (vision of Nigel dropping his camera and a sudden flurry of paddles as he realises there is a very large stopper about to munch him).

R. Inn below confluence with R. Sanna Martina Stretch - River Inn (Paddlers - Me, Lemming) 



The Loisach

Back into Bavaria the Loisach is definitely worth a paddle a bit of a lower volume then the other rivers we paddled, it's a technical 3+, lots of hiding behind boulders and saying boo! to your mates.

 Fish on the Loisach Ada on the Loisach



The Trisanna

Sorry I've got no photo's - a fun river (3/4ish) but small in volume compared to some of the others paddled on the same trip. I put a hole in the bottom of my boat on this one. (Boooo!)