Pyranha Everest - Review

Pyranha Say:-

The Everest takes the benchmark Burn design, and adds extra length and volume for longer trips. This is the load carrying expedition kayak that will fit the big boys too!

More length, more bow rocker, more aggressive deck profiling and slightly softer edges all combine to make a super predictable expedition river kayak and excellent confidence inspiring river runner.


Everest kayak and spec

What I Say:-

I took one of these out for session at CIWW just to see what I thought of it. The outfitting was excellent and had full range of adjustments, and rather unusually I didn't have to have the footrest set to the most distant point - there's room in this boat for someone easily a few inches taller then me if not more (remembering that I'm 6'4" that's pretty big).

A few rounds of the course to see and what I thought - how did it feel? Well first off lets get the obvious out of the way - this is a pretty big boat, it made the features at CIWW consistently easy and feel small. There's no really big boof drops at CIWW, but it appears to release ok and felt pretty capable. On the other hand first couple of rounds it felt kind of twitchy and had to be driven very hard to avoid what I would consider a bit of buffeting by eddy lines or any angled waves. Then the obvious answer hit me - this boat needs some load, I added a few kilos of weight (stones) into the back and it felt as solid as a rock. I can honestly say I don't like the feel of the boat as much as I do the Dagger boats I've tried, but I couldn't pick a particular thing that I dislike, it may just be that I've developed a bias towards Dagger over the years.

My basic overview is that if I was expecting to go on a WW trip that was self supporting for quite a few days then this would be a weapon of choice, if I'm not carrying anything other than standard rescue kit I would take something else. It does exactly what the team Pyranha set out to do, but other than those big trips (which I haven't done for many years) I think it would just sit in the garage.