Dagger GT Max - Review

Dagger Say:-

A classic river runner with fully adjustable outfitting. Great for improving skills and instruction.

River running, coaching, instruction, skills development. This comprehensive range is the choice of paddlers of all abilities wanting a fast boat that carves on its edge. With four models in the range there is a boat for all sizes of user, all fully adjustable for personalized fit.

The GT’s are great to coach from, learn new skills in, or style down your favourite river. The long planing hull is quick and, combined with continuously curving rails it gives the GT’s their characteristic carving style. Double release edges run into rounded sidewalls, helping initial and secondary stability. Quick edge to edge transition and gentle rocker at the bow and stern make this a great surf boat. The deck is gradually tapered providing space for both comfort and storage in the stern. Solid safety features such as full plate foot braces and anodised clipping points are backed up with mini-cell floatation pillars. Outfitting is fully adjustable with the seat, thigh braces and backrest all variable for a personalised fit and padded for comfort.

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The Land of the Midnight Sun

Hi this is all about our trip to Norway. The crew on this trip were Ada (plus van), Fish, Nigel (Stig) Hampton and myself. We took a ferry to Gothenburg, were we met Stig and then drove up through Sweden, into Norway, eventually ending up in Sjoa (near Lillehammer). As an attempt to keep this page short, I'm going to do a river guide and then make a few comments at the end, I could write pages of rubbish if did full descriptions of our paddles. Okay, to try to give you an idea of paddling in Norway - imagine a big river, no bigger then that, drop the water temperature to very cold, make the water more pure then a bottle of Buxton, and add 24 hours a day sun-light, now add more rocks and make the river steeper, now you've got it. For people with no imagination, try this, go to a gym, get on a rowing machine, start rowing at a reasonable speed, get two friends to spray you with hoses and a third to occasionally throw a bucket of water over you, now you got it.

Gradient Graphs of Rivers - Dart included for comparison

Now, in no particular order, the rivers:-