Art as a Hobby

Well, various types of art are hobbies of mine, the main area is 3d CG, but I also enjoy 2d and photography. I currently user Blender 3d for 3d work using either the internal render engine or the external Indigo or Lux Renderer. Current 2d work is done using the GIMP or Inkscape and for photography re-touching I also use the GIMP. 

Historically I have worked with Bryce, Truespace, a little Cinema 4d and 3ds Max for 3d (I trialled Maya and XSI too but decided they're not for me!)

2d work I've used Photopaint, Painter, Photoshop, Draw, Illustrator, Inkscape.

Camera wise, we're talking Sony Alpha 6000, and a nice old fashioned Zenith EM! I now tend to use my phone (a Sony Experia z3) for quick snaps - it's surprisingly good, but at some point soon Julie and I keep considering buying a decent DSLR.

As you may guess on the software front I've gone as far as possible open source, and can run the same programs from windoze or Ubuntu. Blender, the GIMP and Inkscape are all surprisingly good for the price!