The Sancti Trilogy (Sanctus / The Key / The Tower), Simon Toyne.


I picked up Sanctus by an off chance in the airport before heading to India for a week’s work. I had wondered into the book shop, realized I didn’t have a book with me to read and grabbed because the cover / back cover blurb looked interesting enough to give it a read.

I was captivated by the book during the flight, read it during the evening when in the hotel and finished the book on the flight home. Even though I correctly guessed what the Sanctus was before the big reveal, I still was engrossed in the story and twists and turns it takes.

SANCTUS book cover

When I got home I gave the book to my wife, she also was captivated even though we generally don’t share books and she insisted we pre-order The Key as soon as she had finished Sanctus and the same happened with the Tower, pre-ordered as early as we could. My wife liked the series so much that she grabbed The Key and The Tower as soon as they came through the door and I had to read them second!

I certainly would rate Sanctus as a slightly better read than the sequels, I also fear that some aspects of the sequels will date them very quickly when it comes to the technology references made. However I wouldn’t let that put you off reading them at the moment, they are certainly worth picking up.

I’ve read reviews suggesting that the books are misogynistic, and also reviews from Christians (particularly in the USA) decrying the religious view of the books. I didn’t consider the books to be misogynistic at all, and to be honest anyone moaning about the religious aspects of the book, probably needs to learn to divorce fiction from fact.

I would rate Sanctus as 9/10 and the sequels as 8/10 – very good reads that I would recommend.