Inferno - Dan Brown

Ok first an admission, for someone who reads quite a bit and has a love of books it must a bit out from the norm that before this I have never, ever, read a Dan Brown book. I've seen the film of the Da Vinci Code, but I tend to try not to let films bias my view of books because plain and simple books are better! 

So my first Dan Brown book and therefore my first read in the Robert Langdon series of books.

So in this book, which felt a little reminiscent of the Da Vinci code film (no surprise here - it's Dan Brown's winning formula) we follow Robert Langdon through some twists and turns while he tries to save the world from a biological weapon. The book starts with Robert Langdon in hospital in Italy, suffering from amnesia after having been shot, so the book swaps between revealing some of how Langdon arrived there and mainly telling of the story as it moves apace. It is a gripping read, although others have said too much of the same, I can't make that comparison. 

There were certainly enough twists and turns and sufficient plot to keep me interested, on this one I can say I didn't guess the ending. I read over the space a few days, enjoying the trip that it took us on and it was well enough written that I could shake off the idea of Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon and imagine my own view of the character and the world he was immersed in. The main characters where well described and had a good level of depth, and Dan Brown give equally in depth descriptions of the locations through which they pass on their adventure. I would pick up on some niggles - Robert Langdon I think even for a well known professor appears to know everyone and to have spent a massive amount of time travelling as he knows pretty much every building visited in detail. Nor as far as I could see was there a huge amount of use of his symbology skills in problem solving puzzles in the book.

The niggles aren't enough to stop this being a good read which I would score a 7 out of 10, and it was certainly good enough that when I saw the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons on sale at lunch time they became additions to my book collection and my growing list of books to read.