The Wheel of Time Book 14 - A Memory of Light

From my Wheel of Time book 13 review:

Anyone with a liking for reading fantasy books should have stumbled across the Wheel of Time series, a truly masterful series of books that follows a group of friends as they discover that one of them is the Dragon Reborn, a male sorcerer destined to battle the Dark One in an ultimate conflict of good versus evil.

Unfortunately the original author of this epic series passed away before completion, but he left a very complete set of notes and Brandon Sanderson was selected to pen the final books. The number of books in the series has expanded to allow Sanderson to do justice to Jordan's notes, with Sanderson completing Books 12, 13 and 14.



A memory of Light picks up from Sanderson's good work in Towers of Midnight, picking up what must have been a really hard job - finishing a saga created by another author you admire Sanderson did well in Towers of Midnight. A Memory Light artfully pulls all the threads of the long story arc together into a great finale. 

We see all of the characters we have followed reach  their final points showing why each individual story contributes to the total journey. Again Sanderson takes Jordan's world and continues the detail clearly using the time he spent with Jordan to follow the way that Jordan had created his universe.

Excellent execution by Sanderson, a masterful read and a fitting end to such a great saga.

Plain and simple if you have picked up and enjoyed any long fantasy series then the wheel of time is a series you should try (if you struggle with long books then this is not for you, the series racks up in the region of 12,000 pages to read). A Memory of Light is a great read, that I would recommend, a ten out of ten from me.