Appraisals That Bite

At the weekend, anyone who follows me on Twitter will have noted I gave a rather bland one word comment (that word would be ‘interesting’) on a blog post by Luis GonçalvesThe Myth Of Organization Improvement Using Performance Appraisals. Luis asked me to expand on my one word – so I promised to write the blog post that you are currently reading.  

A little later I’m going to get into what I think of the appraisal mechanism and why, but first why that one word comment of ‘Interesting’.  The first reason I found the article interesting was because, although I knew the roots of appraisal reviews, I didn't KNOW the roots of appraisal reviews! Anyone who has talked management style with me or visited one of the servant leadership courses I’ve either presented or assisted on will be aware of most of what is about to follow. Like most I was aware that the appraisal mechanism – the carrot and stick approach was rooted in manufacturing industries, but I can honestly say that if I read the roots as Luis lays them out back to Ford and Taylor then I had glossed over it and not retained the information. The second reason I found the article interesting was that Luis’ summary at the end of the article aligns with my view of the appraisal mechanism, so I would like to share why I am cynical of appraisal mechanisms.

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Mind Map Import DXL


Following is a DXL Program that imports / exports Mind Maps in the mm format to use with Freemind / Freeplane - it's pretty crude but worked when written - if it needs update for newer DOORS versions feel free but credit back to here please!!




Site Update

Ok, so some of you may have noticed the site disappeared for a little while. Why? you may ask - the answer is simply that I wanted to give it a make over and a bit of an update, but as sometimes happens I played a bit along the way and learned some new things about Joomla.

So where did I start - the site is hosted with a company called Easyspace on a LAMP server and has been there for quite a few years, their service I have found excellent. The old site itself was on Joomla 1.5.1 or there abouts and my first thought was to grab something a bit newer and update. Searching around I found a plug-in called jUpgrade - it has good feedback on the Joomla site and has upgrade paths to 1.7 and 2.5 versions of Joomla. Ok I thought let's give it a go.

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